The American Red Cross in Greater New York (ARC/GNY) responded quickly to the devastating 3-alarm fire on 236 East 178th Street in the Bronx on Sunday which blazed through a 14 unit apartment building. Tragically, two New York City firefighters were killed.

Red Cross response included:

  • Temporary housing, food and other basic needs for 38 adults and 3 children. Clients continue to meet with Red Cross caseworkers for additional services where appropriate.
  • Trained disaster mental health staff helped families of the firefighters at St. Barnabas Hospital.
  • On Sunday ARC/GNY provided food for 90 victims and firefighters. Heater-meals and warm drinks were also provided. Nineteen blankets were also distributed.
  • Red Cross staff will provide comfort and assistance to mourners at the funerals of the firefighters.

The American Red Cross helps people avoid, prepare for and respond to emergencies. In addition to responding to major disasters like the events of September 11th, the American Red Cross in Greater New York responds to an average of eight emergencies a day such as blackouts, fires, water main breaks and building collapses. The Red Cross also offers a variety of health and safety courses on such subjects as First Aid and CPR.